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Sunday, December 30, 2012


Assalamualaikum for my followers and readers if any, hahaha,

I don't think that my blog will be read by anyone, since this blog has zero speciality...huhu, but for me it does'nt matter, I did'nt create this blog to get famous, I just need to spill my idea when I get boring...so , that's mean, I am now boring...hehe

well, actually I am now on a very long holiday, very long, and that's why I feel damn boring right now....I dont now how to express this feeling.....

sometimes I feel like wanna scream, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!, this moment make me crazy....

Astagfirullahal'azim, I should'nt say that...

as you can see this picture, I paint this by my own, oppsie!!, by my own ??, well, yep and nope...hehe
I use PAINT software to draw this, draw??, well actually its not really a drawing, i just draw this by using the original one, well its hard to explain how I make it, but , I think my draw is pretty nice, isn'it??

hahaha, what a joke, you praise yourself hajar!!!...

okay, enough is enough, I think that's all that I wanna say for this post...if you wanna now anything about me, just wait for the next post..

till then, see yaa!!!


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